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Job descriptions are frequently overlooked, but they are more than just a list of key duties or skills, they play a foundational and strategic role in your ongoing talent management programs. An effective job description helps employees and managers understand expectations and responsibilities, and provides the anchor for meaningful and effective performance reviews, goals, and development plans.

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Search & Select

Have easy access to up-to-date, consistent job description templates to understand the roles, responsibilities, and competencies better. Know when each job description was last modified.


AAccess over 4000 unique job descriptions and competency dictionaries. Easily track and manage all of your job descriptions from one central location.

Review & Update

Benefit from our user-friendly workflow to create or update fast job descriptions and categories, and generate organizational relationships between positions.


Publish with our JD Engine your job descriptions. Easily search previously published job descriptions, update and track the version of each document.

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